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5. October 2009 21:10
by Paul

Mini SQL Query RC1 Released

5. October 2009 21:10 by Paul


I uploaded RC1 today:

Lots of goodies including the new generic schema engine and text templating including access to the data.

One of the regular questions I get is if there is a plug-in that will convert “database A” to “database B”… answer… no – BUT – you can actually write a script connected to database A that writes out the schema for database b. Then you would run the generated SQL against database b. You could for example even create a db layout using Excel (one table per sheet etc), connect to it with Mini SQL Query and write a script that is a “create script” for the destination database. You can also get the data out with the template tool.


What’s Missing?


  • Schema wise the main thing missing is procedures/functions. Not all languages support them but it would be good to have for v1.
  • Another schema addition is foreign key information for other databases. This is not provided properly by the ADO.NET schema functions and so I manually provide it for the respective database driver.


PK  :-)


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