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21. January 2009 20:43
by Paul

Application Architecture Guidance on CodePlex (rant)

21. January 2009 20:43 by Paul

See /

for some Microsoft guidance material...

Then… see some reactions!

The problem I tend to see (especially being in a fairly small city – Brisbane, Australia) is that people will tend to follow the Microsoft lead without too much thought. Almost everywhere I go the reactions to more pragmatic approaches tend to fall on deaf ears! If I were in a bigger town I would have more choice, that said, Brissy is growing rapidly…

One thing that annoys me a lot is that Microsoft will improve over time but its sooo slow, in the meantime you just want everyone to catch up!! Take the ASP.NET MVC Framework for example. There some really mature ones around but until Microsoft produces one people don’t really jump on the band wagon, then all of a sudden we realise how great it is to work with MVC style web sites.

Then there’s Dependency Injection. Until Unity takes off people will still baulk at something as easy to use as Castle or StructureMap… Arrggghhh!! Then there's unit testing, tdd, bla bla blaa…

I do like what they have done with using CodePlex as a deployment area for these tools though (MVC, the WPF toolkit etc)

We’ll get there, perhaps the guys at release their own P&P guides… oh yes, they do, every day and code better in general!!

Go read:

12. January 2009 19:44
by Paul

Back online at last!

12. January 2009 19:44 by Paul

I have been “offline” for a long time now due to Internet security and access restrictions at work and lack of time at home. I now have wireless broadband… oh the joy!